Apartments sanitized according to the anti Covid-19 regulations

In this period, the safety and sanitation of the living spaces is essential to guarantee the safety of our Guests.

We created the conditions to make a peaceful holiday possible, to share needs and desires of normality, a reward holiday after such difficult moments.


For this reason we follow an anti Covid-19 protocol with procedures in accordance with the law for the sanitization of our apartments, which are superior to simple and ordinary hygienic and sanitary maintenance.

The apartment is in itself a guaranteed solution to avoid spaces shared with other people, but we are committed to making your stay even more secure by activating, after each Guest’s stay, a strict professional sanitization protocol, in line with the provisions of document drawn up by the HOSPITALITY TECHNICAL TABLE issued by the APSS (the Provincial Health Services Authority) Prevention Department dated 2020 May 21st (full text available HERE).

In particular, we wish to inform you of the following procedures that have been adopted:


For this service we hired a specialized company that guarantees compliance with the protocols issued by the APSS Prevention Department.


Our agency makes use of the services of a specialized company that guarantees compliance with the protocols issued by the APSS Prevention Department.


Upon opening, each apartment was adequately sanitized with an ozone generator and subsequently aired. Ozone is a powerful sanitizer that can be used in total safety as it leaves no residue and ELIMINATES over 99% of the viruses present on surfaces. Ozone is recognized by the Ministry of Health as a natural safeguard for the sterilization of environments.
At each change, the cleaning and sanitizing of the apartment is carried out by specialized personnel who will apply the protocols provided by the authorities in charge.


Access to the office for check-in procedures is allowed for only one person per apartment and in compliance with the rules of social distancing (masks, hand sanitizer).

As the identity documents of each occupant will be requested, if possible we ask that they be sent to us in advance by e-mail.

Keys and cards will have been disinfected before delivery.

The information material (brochures, guides, maps) will not be left for free consultation but will be delivered on request or alternatively sent by email.

The Guests will not be allowed to access the facility if they have flu or respiratory symptoms.


The people present in an apartment are considered as a nucleus of cohabitants in the use of these spaces and services, and all the daily life attributable to “living in an apartment on vacation” is the responsibility of the Guest themselves.

It is always recommended to ventilate the apartment frequently and to respect the distance in common areas (for example corridors, stairs, garages).

The access of external personnel such as maintenance workers will be reduced as far as possible.

Access to the apartment by third parties (e.g. friends staying in a nearby hotel) is not allowed.

Guests with fever and respiratory symptoms must remain in their locations until they are seen/visited by a doctor.


Room guests may be required to leave the windows open before the cleaners enter.


Stay in total safety with us, we are waiting for you!


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